Paperless pre-round pari-mutuels and wagering software for club golfers, built by a PGA Professional.

Homestretch Golf has reimagined golf pari-mutuels. Our paperless golf pari-mutuel solution provides your golfers a dynamic and accurate tournament experience both pre- and post-round.

  • Ability To Open Betting Earlier And Remotely
  • No Manual Data Entry
  • Automatic Digital Receipts
  • Live Odds (Win, Place, & Show) Changing In Real Time
  • Automatic Digital Notifications Of Winnings
  • Payout Calculation Flexibility (Traditional vs. Weighted)
  • No Required Software Subscription
  • Built-In Charitable Fundraising


Say goodbye to the painstaking task of fumbling through paper slips and manually entering all of the wagers. Participants can save wagers remotely from any internet-connected device.

For Everyone

No prior wagering experience is needed to build and run a successful pari-mutuel golf tournament for your participants. We’ve made it easy to learn and streamlined the entire process from start to finish!

Paperless pre-round pari-mutuels and wagering software for club golfers, built by a PGA Professional.

Wagering Participants
Ready to place your wagers?

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Why Choose Homestretch Golf

Perfect for Golf Professionals, Tournament Coordinators, League Directors, Tournament Committees, Group Trip Admins, Golf Associations, Club Members, Weekend Warriors

Save valuable time

No more need to manually decipher and input wagers from paper slips into software. Winning wagers are automatically identified with aggregated payout amounts.

A more exciting experience with LIVE ODDS

Your golfers will see live odds to win, place and show during the open betting window of time, which helps participants make more informed wagers.

No risk of errors

Since there is no manual transcribing or manual software entry, 100% of confirmed wagers are accurately reflected 100% of the time.

No app download or account required

Your golfers can easily use our cloud based software on any device without needing to download an app or create an account.

Secure and safe

Our experience is cloud based which means access for both golfers and admins is always live from any device.

Zero required out of pocket cost

The net cost to you or your facility is $0 when using Homestretch Golf to run your golf pari-mutuels.

Choice of traditional or weighted payouts

Want only one pool of money with 3 winning combinations rather than three different pools with 6 winning combinations? Consider Homestretch Golf’s proprietary Top 3 (Show pool only) weighted payouts feature. Also available for Top 2 (Place pool only).
Read Blog Article To Learn More

Open betting sooner, and create tickets from anywhere globally

No longer do you have to be at the club to participate! View the prediction options and save tickets from any internet-connected device globally. Great for building excitement and works perfectly to amp up buddy trips!

Enhance the pari-mutuel experience with field information

Though not required to use Homestretch Golf, admins can easily import player names and either team or individual handicaps.

Automated notifications

Participants get automatic digital receipt notifications (their choice of text or email delivery) and also post-tournament congratulatory winning notifications!

24-7 top notch customer support

Whether you are a planner and out ahead of your tournament or need last-minute support to get dialed in, Homestretch Golf’s support team ensures you look great for your golfers! Admins can access our robust self-paced help section from their admin dashboard, or simply contact us to get support assistance 24-7.

Raise money for charity

Just like a 50/50 raffle, admins can set aside up to 20% of the wagers for a local charity – a great way to enhance a charity scramble with a new fundraising source! Homestretch Golf is proud to donate a portion of our net proceeds to the American Cancer Society and other golf industry charities!
Read Blog Article To Learn About Our Benefactors

Free prize giveaways and seasonal sweepstakes

Is anything better than free stuff? Homestretch Golf loves surprising our participants with randomly drawn winners in our giveaways and seasonal sweepstakes – just because it’s FUN!

Expedited payouts post-round

Admins LOVE how fast it is post-round to see all the winning tickets and use Homestretch Golf’s printable labels to expedite payouts. No more hunting for winning tickets, or hand writing out envelopes. Payouts will be figured and distributed within 15 minutes of inputting results!

Homestretch Golf has revolutionized our Las Vegas Pro-Am with their pari-mutuel wagering system – it’s as easy as collecting the money, inputting the finishing place results, and pressing print on the labels for the envelopes. The simplicity of their platform is matched only by the exceptional support from David and Peter, who are not only quick to reply to emails but also incredibly helpful leading up to our events. Thanks to Homestretch Golf, our pari-mutuels were a seamless and enjoyable experience from start to finish for our participants and we will definitely continue to use it going forward. On top of that, our PGA Section Foundation raised almost $3,000 across the three-day Pro Am event thanks to the software’s ability to set charitable takes from the wagering pool…an amazing new fundraising source while doing ZERO extra work!

Matt Rutland
Matt Rutland
(Director of Competitions, Northern Ohio PGA Section)

The new paperless way to save pre-round golf wagers

About Homestretch Golf

PGA Professional David Knox created Homestretch Golf after years of running pari-mutuels using paper bet slips and wasting hours of time entering error-prone slips into software. Unable to find a better system, David decided to create the first paperless golf pari-mutuel solution. Why not improve the wagering experience for all participants while simultaneously saving tons of valuable admin time? Watch this video to learn why Golf Professionals and Tournament Directors are switching to Homestretch Golf to run their golf pari-mutuels.

What people are saying about Homestretch Golf

Homestretch Golf created a more accessible wagering experience where players could review odds for a longer period of time than an in-person wagering experience from the comfort of their own mobile device.

Daniel Soehren (Head Pro, Bowling Green CC - Bowling Green, KY)
Daniel Soehren (Head Pro, Bowling Green CC – Bowling Green, KY)

This is the best way to run a golf pari-mutuel. It is so simple to use on both the bettor and admin side. Results and stuffing envelopes are done in under 10 minutes, saving us hours of admin time each tournament.

Owen Miller (Head Pro, Montrêux Golf & Country Club - Reno, NV)
Owen Miller (Head Pro, Montrêux Golf & Country Club – Reno, NV)

Thanks to Homestretch Golf, betting is not just during our betting party anymore…it is whenever you want, up until it closes! It is a great platform with exceptional support.

Gideon Traub (Head Pro, Skokie CC - Glencoe, IL)
Gideon Traub (Head Pro, Skokie CC – Glencoe, IL)

My favorite thing about Homestretch Golf is how it made the entire process digital and allowed us to get rid of paper! My players also loved seeing live odds and the ease of placing wagers from their phones.

J.P. Lunn (Head Pro, Fountain Head CC - Hagerstown, MD)
J.P. Lunn (Head Pro, Fountain Head CC – Hagerstown, MD)

Homestretch Golf was there to assist me throughout the entire process. I thought it was great, especially the post tournament process. Loved putting the stickers on the envelopes and filling with the cash. Nice and simple.

Steve Vickery (Head Pro, Paint Creek CC - Lake Orion, MI)
Steve Vickery (Head Pro, Paint Creek CC – Lake Orion, MI)

Homestretch Golf saves a ton of time on both ends, especially doing all of the payouts.

Tim Pulley (Head Pro, Yolo Fliers Club - Woodland, CA)
Tim Pulley (Head Pro, Yolo Fliers Club – Woodland, CA)

I loved that Homestretch Golf did most of the work for me and allowed me to tend to my event.

George Forster (Head Pro, Radnor Valley CC - Villanova, PA)
George Forster (Head Pro, Radnor Valley CC – Villanova, PA)

The ease of access made Homestretch a Home Run for our member-guest. Competitors could conveniently access through their personal devices.

Michael Broderick (Head Pro, Sawgrass CC - Ponte Vedra Beach, FL)
Michael Broderick (Head Pro, Sawgrass CC – Ponte Vedra Beach, FL)

Using Homestretch Golf cut the work load both pre-event as well as during the running of our tournament by 70%.

Thomas Brinson (Director of Golf, Governors Club - Chapel Hill, NC)
Thomas Brinson (Director of Golf, Governors Club – Chapel Hill, NC)

Homestretch Golf simplifies everything and lets you enjoy more of the event and not get stuck with the administration details.

Steve Cutler (Head Pro, Wynlakes Golf & Country Club - Montgomery, AL)
Steve Cutler (Head Pro, Wynlakes Golf & Country Club – Montgomery, AL)

They loved having the opportunity to participate in something like this. Everyone thought Homestretch Golf was a great addition to our event. Easy to use, easy to set up, I would easily recommend it.

Stacy Kleve (Head Pro, Pelican Lakes GC - Windsor, CO)
Stacy Kleve (Head Pro, Pelican Lakes GC – Windsor, CO)

Homestretch Golf is very convenient and time saving!

Scott Peneau (Head Pro, The River Club - Suwanne, GA)
Scott Peneau (Head Pro, The River Club – Suwanne, GA)

Our participants really enjoyed the new weighted payouts option because of how it simplified the betting experience. Having one wager that covered win, place and show made it easier for participants to bet on teams, and if they wagered on a team that finished top three – it was a winner. I see us using only weighted payouts for all our events going forward!

Larry Donaldson
Larry Donaldson
(Member, Stoughton CC – Stoughton, WI)

Our members love the automated text messages they receive for wager confirmations and winning tickets. No more having to keep track of paper tickets! If we would have known how easy Homestretch Golf was to use, we would have done it over a year ago! We will never go back to the traditional way.

Owen Miller
Owen Miller
(Head Pro, Montrêux Golf & Country Club – Reno, NV)

As the person responsible for the betting for our golf trip, I loved that Homestretch Golf did the work for me and eliminated the time I usually spend managing the entire betting process! It’s awesome. Anyone who is wagering in a tournament or trip should use Homestretch Golf.

Andy Tracy
Andy Tracy
(Tournament Chair, Tracy Cup Buddy Trip, MI)

My members enjoyed the ‘safer’ experience of looking at live odds and placing wagers before the tournament from the comfort of their phone.

Adrian Jolliffe
Adrian Jolliffe
(Head Pro, Cascade Hills CC – Grand Rapids, MI)

Allowing people to bet remotely allowed us to keep the crowds down and the betting up, providing our members a safe experience during COVID.

Gideon Traub
Gideon Traub
(Head Pro, Skokie CC – Glencoe, IL)

Homestretch Golf allowed for wagering action to be saved on each person’s own mobile device and prevented a lot of face to face action which is important today.

Jason P.
Jason P.
(Member – Great Falls, VA)

From an administrative standpoint I really liked how Homestretch Golf automated the whole process and required very minimal time commitment on my part.

Daniel Garigen
Daniel Garigen
(Member, Lancaster CC – Lancaster, NY)

I would highly recommend using Homestretch Golf. It was easy to use, saved admin time and made payouts easy.

Jeff Baxter
Jeff Baxter
(Member, Cripple Creek G&CC – Dagsboro, DE)

Ready to experience the new paperless way to run your golf pari-mutuels?

Types of Homestretch Golf Tournaments

Golf Pros, Club Members, and Tournament Organizers are using Homestretch Golf to enhance all types of tournaments with mobile wagering!

Join the fun by offering paperless wagering for these popular events:

Member-Guest or Member-Member Tournaments

Wagering adds excitement for horse races, shootouts, derbys or steeplechases that commonly take place on the final day of these events, with formats that lend well to traditional pari-mutuel (win/place/show) results.  Use Homestretch Golf during an opening night party to allow participants to predict flight winners as well, and be sure to confirm these wagers at the party so odds to win start populating! Our Pros are seeing more overall wagering action when bets are confirmed the night prior to round 1 play, and furthermore, additional wagers can be confirmed prior to round 1 play in the morning.

Horse Races, Shootouts, Derbys, Steeplechases

Highest scores get eliminated from the group until only the final three teams make the final hole!  FUN, and tailor made for pari-mutuel wagering!  Consider either traditional win/place/show wagering or our proprietary weighted Top 3 show wagers in which a ticket is a winner if that team finishes Top 3.

Match Play Brackets – Head to Head with margin of victory options

Homestretch Golf’s pari-mutuel system is perfect for prop bets, given the payout philosophy that losing predictions fund winning payouts.  Each match serves as its own pool of money, and our proprietary odds are generated based on the dispersion of bets across the options within a match.  A simple ‘pick the winner’ match up doesn’t work well with pari-mutuels as you need sufficient losing wagers to fund the winning payouts, so having only two options to bet on doesn’t work.  However, we have creative Homestretch Golf admins now letting participants bet on the winner with an added wrinkle of margin of victory, which creates six different options and therefore, plenty of losing wagers to fund the winning payouts!

Click here to view the scrolling odds page for a 16-match (32 player) match play bracket, so you can see how this works beautifully and now makes it easy to bring a pari-mutuel concept to life with your match play tournaments.  If the club likes it you could potentially offer new rounds of wagering with each match play round, pending the timing of round completion.

Read more in our dedicated blog article that focuses on Match Play offerings.

Club Championships

Whether you run stroke play or match play championships, allowing participants to wager before play starts adds a fun component to these major events.  Traditional win/place/show predictions, within flights if applicable, work great for stroke play championships. Tie breaking procedures need to be defined (ex./ USGA Standard Method) in the event of ties in the top 3 spots.  For your match play championships, our Pros are offering win-only wagering to allow participants to predict bracket champs!


Spice up your scrambles with Homestretch Golf!  Sure, scrambles are usually on the casual side of the tournament spectrum, but our participants love trying to predict the winning team prior to the shotgun start!  Homestretch Golf Pros have also found success with traditional win/place/show wagering with published tie breaking procedures for scramble tournaments.

Proposition Bets

Use our Win-Only wagers and create a Multiple Flight tournament dedicating each Win-Only Flight to it’s own proposition bet.  All of the incorrect wagers will fund payouts for all of the correct wagers.  Minimum three options for participants to bet on for any prop bet to ensure payout viability.  

Popular examples include:

  • Winning Overall Score
  • # of Birdies
  • # of Eagles
  • # of Halved Matches
  • Lowest Daily Round Score
  • Best performance within one pairing/group
  • Best performance within any given subset lineup of players/teams as determined by the admin
  • % field that will shoot better than their handicap
  • Best performance between a subset of players versus the field as determined by the admin
  • Field Par 5 scoring average relative to par
  • Field scoring average relative to par on a particular/signature hole
Pro-Am Tournaments

Amateurs love playing and participating with their Pro in Pro-Am tournaments, and they also love betting on their team to win it all!  Pros can display player handicaps on Homestretch Golf so participants can strategically decide which teams they believe will play well given any Pro-Am tournament format.

Buddy Trips & Couples Trips

Golf trips can bring the best of many worlds together: travel, friends, food, new cultures, great golf courses, romance, drinks, camaraderie…and of course, many possible wagering opportunities!  Assign one trusted person to run all your wagering offerings using Homestretch Golf, and our automatic digital receipts and notifications of winning wagers will take care of the rest. Golf trips come in many different sizes, durations and formats of play – get creative and if you have a group that likes a lot of betting action, be sure to offer a Homestretch Golf wagering opportunity daily prior to the first ball in the air!

Charity Fundraisers

Setup your fundraising charity tournament in Homestretch Golf and allow players to wager on who they think will win the tournament.  Set aside up to 20% of the wagering pot to be donated to the charity, and let Homestretch Golf quickly calculate the remaining payouts for those who correctly wagered on the winning team!  Homestretch Golf is proud to donate a portion of our fee to the American Cancer Society, so be proud that any event you run on Homestretch Golf helps raise money for a great cause.

Ryder Cup Style Event

USA vs. Europe?!  Heck, any team vs. any other team works great to enjoy enhanced Homestretch Golf paperless wagering!  Kick off the event with a team putting contest, and while teams are putting give them an hour pre-round to place wagers.  Pros have offered wagering opportunities to predict overall point totals for each side, daily point totals for each side, as well as total number of halved singles matches on the final day.  This is accomplished with win-only wagering while browsing a ‘field’ that reflects all of the possible point outcomes.

Interclub Matches / Team Play / Home & Home Tournaments

Club vs. Club events are an awesome form of golf competition with varying formats that lend well to pre-competition wagering.  Similar to Ryder Cup style events, popular interclub match wager offerings include predicting: overall/daily point totals for each club, total number of halved matches, and players accruing the most overall/daily points.  Predicting points or quantities can be accomplished using Homestretch Golf with win-only wagering while browsing a ‘field’ that reflects all of the possible point outcomes or possible quantities.

Stipend Wagering As Part Of Tournament Entry

Set aside a portion of the tournament entry fee to allow teams to wager on the tournament outcome!  Homestretch Golf Pros have found success in delivering a fresh and unique tournament experience by reserving $50 or $100 from the team’s tournament entry fee and allowing participants to use that stipend amount to predict winners.  This creative approach has proven to yield a fun tournament experience and is a foolproof way to guarantee sufficient wagering action because there is no out-of-pocket expenses for the participants!

Season-Long Points Races – Great Way To Add Excitement To Kick Off Tournaments

Want to get your members invested in your season-long points race at the club?  Simple and fun way to do it: Add wagering during your kick off tournament to allow participants to place win/place/show wagers on the points race results using Homestretch Golf!

In addition to the traditional W/P/S pool, we started using Homestretch Golf to offer a “Pick the winning score” prop bet pool for our tournaments and the feedback has been great. Both the golfers in the tournament and people watching get involved because it adds another layer of enjoyment and fun. It brings things such as weather, pin placements, pairings and other factors into the decision making and makes the 18th green even more interesting and exciting! If you’re looking to add more entertainment for your participants, you should definitely consider adding this type of prediction using win-only prop bet pools on Homestretch Golf.

Dan M.
Dan M.
(Member, Kelley Greens – Nahant, MA)

‘Across The Board’ Blog

Homestretch Golf not only provides the only paperless pari-mutuel golf software on the market, but we are also your go-to source for how to successfully run golf events with pre-round wagering components.

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Once in a while there will be money that doesn’t get paid out because no one wagered on the winning team. Our members love that these funds get donated to the American Cancer Society and other golf industry foundations through Homestretch Golf’s charitable pledge.

Owen Miller
Owen Miller
(Head Pro, Montrêux Golf & Country Club – Reno, NV)

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