Homestretch Golf's </br>Financial Aid Application

Homestretch Golf’s
Financial Aid Application

Helping our customers:
Class B PGA Professionals on their PGA Journeys
to become Class A Members of the PGA of America.

Homestretch Golf is proud to offer financial aid to selected Class B PGA Professionals on their journey to Class A PGA Membership.

Class A PGA Professional and company founder David Knox wants to support future Class A Members with financial aid for educational expenses on their journey to membership.  Homestretch Golf also supports many other golf industry charities and foundations to help grow the very game these PGA Professionals will serve.  This financial aid is a useful resource for GM’s, Directors of Golf, and Head Professionals already mentoring their junior team members and helping them to achieve their career goals.  As a tournament operations software vendor, Homestretch Golf believes in playing a small part in helping more PGA Professionals march towards their dream job and deliver great tournament experiences along the way.

This financial aid is funded through Homestretch Golf’s charitable pledge and charitable funds collected from tournaments run on the Homestretch Golf platform. 

Candidates must submit a completed application to be considered for Homestretch Golf financial aid.


  • Candidates must be a Class B PGA Professional in good standing at the time of application submission, which will be verified by Homestretch Golf upon receiving a completed application.
  • Candidates must work at a facility that actively uses Homestretch Golf for their tournament predictions.

It is easy to get started with Homestretch Golf if you haven’t used our platform before.  Create your free admin account and contact us to schedule a demo call.

How To Apply:

  • Complete the Homestretch Golf Financial Aid online application below along with the required supporting documents including:
    • Candidate letter explaining their work history and future plans towards Class A membership, including their expected timeline for attending their next PGA checkpoint.
    • Mentor letter of recommendation from host Class A PGA Professional.
    • Completed W-9 form
  • Consent via the below online application to allow Homestretch Golf to publicly recognize selected candidates on the company’s marketing outlets, including but not limited to the Homestretch Golf website/blog, social media pages, tournament web application/platform, and/or email blasts.
  • Acknowledge via the below online application that a completed application does not guarantee any financial aid support, and that Homestretch Golf’s equity partners solely serve as the selection committee.

Financial Aid:

  • Amounts awarded may vary annually.
  • Amounts awarded may vary across selected candidates.
  • Financial aid will be awarded retroactively as a full or partial reimbursement for direct PGA checkpoint expenses incurred by the selected candidates.
  • Direct PGA checkpoint expenses must occur after the candidate has been selected by Homestretch Golf to receive future financial aid.  This financial aid reimbursement is not available for expenses incurred prior to being selected after fully completing the online application with supporting documents and then being notified by Homestretch Golf of their future eligibility.
  • Receipt(s) of expenses must be submitted by selected candidates and verified by Homestretch Golf that the PGA Checkpoint was successfully completed prior to financial aid being awarded.
  • Depending on the quantity of eligible applicants at any given time, candidate selection announcements and/or financial aid awards can take place as little as annually and as often as quarterly, at the sole discretion of Homestretch Golf.

Homestretch Golf is proud to offer financial aid to selected Class B PGA Professionals on their journey to Class A PGA Membership!
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