As we approach the start of our golf tournament, we are pleased to enhance your golf pari-mutuel experience using Homestretch Golf.  This software allows you to save your wagers on any device, receive digital receipts via text or email, see live odds for each team while betting is open, and be alerted of your winning wagers and total payouts immediately after the results are posted!  Homestretch Golf makes the wagering experience interactive and adds to the excitement of our tournament, with no app download required! While you are able to follow these step-by-step instructions to save your wagers on any device when the betting window is open, you are encouraged to use your phone as you’ll likely have your phone on-site for the duration of the golf tournament.

Homestretch Golf pari-mutuel wagering instructions for the Golf Pros:

Step 1: Open a new web browser page on any device. Click HERE or type in the URL address bar and proceed, which navigates to the ‘Find Your Tournament’ page.

Step 2: Search by golf course and/or tournament name ‘Cal State Club Championship’.
Select your tournament from the displayed results and then hit the green ‘Go’ button.

Step 3: Enter your name, agree to the Homestretch Golf terms and conditions checkbox, and hit the green ‘Continue’ button.

Step 4: Enter your phone number or email so we can alert you when you have a winning wager and send you wager receipts.

Step 5: You’ll be taken to your wagering session where you can browse the field of teams and save as many wagers as desired. Once you are done saving your wagers on Homestretch Golf, submit funds in cash Sunday night in Reno at the Player Registration Party or Monday morning pre-round at ArrowCreek CC. All tickets must be placed by the Golf Professional on each team. Then you can monitor the live probable odds until betting closes to determine if you want to place any additional wagers.

After you are inside our tournament on Homestretch Golf and browsing the teams to strategize your wagers, you will notice a (?) located at the top-right of your screen which defines common pari-mutuel terms and explains how the probable odds are displayed.  You are encouraged to read through this help section.  You can track and revisit your past confirmed wagers by visiting the link received in your receipt notification(s).

The minimum wager amount permitted for our pari-mutuel is $5.  Please save wagers in increments of $5. 

This is a pari-mutuel with only one flight, meaning there will only be one win, place and show team across the field determined by overall team performance through 36 holes.

Tie breaking procedures will be implemented post-tournament in the event of any ties to determine each win, place and show team.

The betting window for this pari-mutuel is now open and will close 15 minutes prior to the start of play on Monday.

Good luck and enjoy the pari-mutuel excitement using Homestretch Golf!