Skokie CC, The Derby – Wagering Instructions

As we approach the start of our Derby, we are pleased to enhance your golf wagering experience using Homestretch Golf.  This software allows you to save your wagers on any device, receive digital receipts via text or email, see live odds to win for each team while betting is open, and be alerted of your winning wagers and total payouts immediately after the results are posted!  Homestretch Golf makes the wagering experience interactive and adds to the excitement of our tournament, with no app download required! While you are able to follow these step-by-step instructions to save your wagers on any device when the betting window is open, you are encouraged to use your phone as you’ll likely have your phone on-site for the duration of the golf tournament.


Homestretch Golf wagering instructions:

Step 1: Open a new web browser page on any device. Type in in the URL and proceed, which navigates to the ‘Find Your Tournament’ page.

Step 2: There are two live betting opportunities for this event!  Search by ‘Skokie’ or ‘Derby’. 
Select either ‘The Derby – Overall Win/Place/Show’ or ‘The Derby Double (10-Team Lineup)’.

Step 3: Enter your name, agree to the Homestretch Golf terms and conditions checkbox, and hit the green ‘Continue’ button.

Step 4: Enter your phone number or email so we can alert you when you have a winning wager and send you wager receipts.

Step 5: You’ll be taken to your wagering session where you can browse the field of teams and save as many wagers as desired on any one wagering session.  For either wagering opportunity, to lock in your wagers you must REVIEW your wagers then SAVE your wagers using the green buttons.  Then you can monitor the live ‘odds to win’ until betting closes to determine if you want to place any additional wagers.


Wagering Opportunity #1 (The Derby – Overall Win/Place/Show)

This betting opportunity has you predict which team(s) you believe will come in first place (win wagers), the top two spots (place wagers) and/or the top three spots (show wagers) after the completion of play on Saturday.  The minimum wager amount permitted for this traditional pari-mutuel is $5.  Please save all of your wagers in increments of $5 for this wagering opportunity.

Wagering Opportunity #2 (The Derby Double: Ten-Team Lineup)

This betting opportunity has you build a lineup of ten teams with the goal being to contain both of the Top Two finishing teams within your ten-team lineup.  In order to build your ten-team lineup, save ten $1 place wagers on the ten teams you wish to have makeup your lineup.  REVIEW your $10 wagers once you have spread out your ten $1 bets across your desired teams, then SAVE your wagers.  You are able to submit as many different lineups as you wish, each lineup costing you $10.  If you are seeking to save multiple lineups in back-to-back succession, you’ll need to clear your data AFTER SAVING, by clicking on SETTINGS on the far-right of your footer bar and then the green CLEAR DATA button to start a fresh digital wagering ticket that doesn’t remember the prior lineup you just saved.  This will allow you to start the process over from the start and save as many ten-team lineups as you desire in succession.

After you are inside our tournament on Homestretch Golf and browsing the teams to strategize your wagers, you will notice a (?) located at the top-right of your screen which defines common pari-mutuel terms and explains how the odds to win are displayed.  You are encouraged to read through this help section.  You can SWITCH between tournaments using the arrows located at the top-left of your screen.  You can track and revisit your past confirmed wagers by visiting the link received in your receipt notification(s).


Payment Instructions And More

Once you are done saving your wagers on Homestretch Golf, you have two methods to submit funds.

  1. PayPal
    Visit this link:
    Login to your PayPal account, and enter ‘’ in the SEND MONEY field.
    Follow the on-screen PayPal directions to complete the fund transfer.

  2. In Person Cash Or Check
    Visit the Tent Area on Thursday night, where either cash or checks will be collected.


The betting window for both wagering opportunities is NOW OPEN and will close 10 minutes prior to the start of play on Friday morning.  We are extremely excited to be implementing this new paperless avenue to place your bets.  The platform is easy to use and with the ability to save bets anytime before the start of play, it is convenient to save as many wagers as you desire on your own schedule this week prior to even being on site at the club.

Good luck and enjoy the pre-round wagering excitement using Homestretch Golf!