How to run Match Play head-to-head match ups on Homestretch Golf

March 2023 – With brackets at the forefront this time of year, we want to show you how to set up head-to-head match up betting opportunities for match play tourneys at your club!  Homestretch Golf’s pari-mutuel system is perfect for prop bets, given the payout philosophy that losing predictions fund winning payouts.  Each match serves as its own pool of money, and our proprietary odds are generated based on the dispersion of bets across the options within a match.  A simple ‘pick the winner’ match up doesn’t work well with pari-mutuels as you need sufficient losing wagers to fund the winning payouts, so having only two options to bet on doesn’t work.  However, we have creative Homestretch Golf admins now letting participants bet on the winner with an added wrinkle of margin of victory, which creates five or six different options and therefore, plenty of losing wagers to fund the winning payouts!

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