As a part of the Tri-State Greenbrier Pro-Am teams may place optional parimutuel predictions for the event through the Homestretch Golf software. Event partner Homestretch Golf specializes in providing online software to streamline the process for clubs. Place your predictions via a web browser from anywhere and then you’ll pay upon arrival at the course.

We will have a total of three pari-mutuel opportunities for you to enjoy:

  1. OVERALL Win/Place/Show [OPEN NOW]
  2. DAY 1 Win/Place/Show Within Flights [OPEN NOW]
  3. DAY 2 Win/Place/Show Within Flights [Will Open During Day 1 Play]

Homestretch Golf 4/22/24 – 4/23/24 Greenbrier Pro-Am Instructions

  • Visit on your mobile device.
  • Search for the Tri-State Greenbrier Pro-Am.
  • Put in a parimutuel prediction for any team in the field. Just click on the team, enter the amount, enter your name, phone number and hit add. 
  • The smallest permitted wager amount is $2.
  • Predictions are now open for the OVERALL and DAY 1 offerings, but betting will close 30 Minutes before play starts on Monday, 4/22/24.
  • You can SWITCH between offerings using the arrows at the top-left of your screen.
  • You can review definitions and learn how odds are explained at the top-right ? on your screen.
  • Please make sure you save your predictions before exiting the webpage.
  • Ties for the top 3 spots will be broken. We will use the USGA Standard Method to break ties. 
  • When you enter your cell phone number, you’ll receive a text once the Tri-State PGA staff confirms the prediction on the backside of the software. We will confirm predictions periodically throughout the days leading up to DAY 1 play. 
  • Players will then pay for their predictions when they arrive at the course. Please stop into the clubhouse and pay the Tri-State PGA staff.