How can pari-mutuels raise money for charity?  

Simple Homestretch Golf Solution:
Reserve a portion of the wagers to be donated to the local cause!  As an example, if I run a tournament on Homestretch Golf and in my tournament setting reserve 20% of the total wagers for charity, then that reduction is made prior to calculating the payout results.  This is a completely under-utilized fundraising method for charity golf scrambles.  By introducing a pre-round wagering component, whether a traditional pari-mutuel with win, place and show wagering or simply just a win-only prediction, charity golf scrambles can unlock a world of fundraising revenue while simultaneously improving the fun factor for your tournament participants.  Since Homestretch Golf has eliminated the time-consuming aspects of facilitating golf wagering, our platform provides a win-win scenario for tournament organizers hoping to maximize their fundraising efforts while not creating a lot of work for committee members.

Did you know?

All tournaments run on the Homestretch Golf platform raise funds for the American Cancer Society.  Homestretch Golf is proud to donate a portion of our net proceeds from every tournament to ACS, so every single tournament run on our platform is inherently raising funds for charity!

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