Is your club losing out on bigger wagering pots because you don’t open up bets until a staff member or point person is physically in place to collect cash at the club or some other gathering location?  If that is how things are run at your club, then unfortunately, chances are the answer is YES!

The beauty of Homestretch Golf’s paperless wagering platform is that there is no longer a requirement to verbally tell someone your wager or physically have someone record it with pen and paper on a bet slip or enter it directly into a computer.  Homestretch Golf has given the power of recording and saving wagers to the betting participants!

Due to this complete change in the wagering process, Homestretch Golf recommends opening up the betting window well in advance of the tournament once the field of play is set.  A common best practice our Homestretch Golf Pros/Admins employ is to open up the betting about 24 hours prior to the tournament start time or first tee time, and then immediately communicate that bets are now open along with our instructional how-to-wager template email.  By opening up betting sooner for your event, you allow participants to save wagers remotely from anywhere on any device.  This simple but groundbreaking change in the pre-round wagering process for club events has proven to result in more betting action and bigger pots for participants to enjoy!

Once the Pro/Admin starts confirming those wagers, then live odds to win start to populate and even more bets are encouraged as participants don’t want to miss out on strategically sound bets on dark horse teams/players.  By organizing the process in this manner, wagering action happens full steam ahead the day prior to the tournament, and allows for a smoother yet productive pre-round wagering experience on-site just prior to play on the actual day of the event.

If your members enjoy bigger pots and more flexible options to save their wagers, then the answer is easy – use the Homestretch Golf platform to facilitate your golf tournament paperless wagering!

Not yet a club with a Homestretch Golf Pro/Admin?  

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