Besides the fact that for those who are unfamiliar there is a small learning curve to understanding how to wager in a pari-mutuel (which we help spell out in our user help section on our platform), the main reason they aren’t as common as, say, a skins game, is because they historically have required a lot of time, organization and effort…until now!

Old pain points for me:
Managing error-prone paper bet slips, often which are illegible or get lost.
The time requirement to enter all those slips into software that can handle the calculations.
The time and extra step to facilitate physical receipts, even if just carbon copies.
Post-round process of finding all the winning wager combinations.
Constantly telling eager post-round participants to wait longer to see how much they won and collect.

Homestretch Golf has completely eliminated the need for error-prone paper bet slips. 
Homestretch Golf has completely eliminated the data entry step of all the collected wagers INTO a spreadsheet or a software program. 
Homestretch Golf has completely eliminated the step of writing paper receipts and the need for participants to keep track of paper receipts. 
Homestretch Golf has completely eliminated the time-consuming process of post-round hunting and pecking to identify all winning wagers. 
Homestretch Golf has taken the burden of receipts and winning notifications off the Pro/Admin and streamlined our platform to automatically deliver all notifications. 

So until now, golf pari-mutuels are not as common as skins games because of the heavy workload involved.  

We believe clubs and Pros/Admins that use Homestretch Golf to handle their pre-round wagering needs will inherently save so much time just by using our platform that MORE golf tournaments can offer MORE fun wagering components because we’ve eliminated several outdated pain points for the Pros/Admins who have historically relied on error-prone paper tracking, or even worse, error-prone verbal tracking.  Time to reinvent your club’s tournament schedule and start pumping up the pre-round fun factor with unlimited types of wagering predictions using Homestretch Golf!

Not yet a club with a Homestretch Golf Pro/Admin?  

No problem…it is free to create your Homestretch Admin Account to get started!

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