September 13, 2021

Sacramento, CA – Homestretch Golf, the golf industry’s first paperless pari-mutuel platform, proudly announces a major milestone in the company’s second full year of operations. Thanks to the overwhelmingly positive feedback from their tournament admins and participating club golfers, Homestretch Golf has surpassed $1 Million in pre-round predictions on the platform, and has raised over $23K for charity!

“We are thrilled to have raised significant money for charity through our platform so far, and the sky’s the limit as we help more clubs enhance their pre-round pari-mutuel operations,” stated the company’s Founder/CEO David Knox. “One of our recent new admins summed up what many of our new users appreciate about Homestretch Golf when he said ‘Nice job creating a fun and easy-to-use product which provides a modern solution to an old administrative headache!’  Knox continued, “To help my fellow PGA Professionals and their members deliver improved and more fun tournament experiences has been gratifying, but to see this explosive rate of new clubs leveraging our platform is beyond proof of concept and we are prepared and committed to continually improve our product in the months and years ahead.”

Launched in April, 2019, Homestretch Golf has quickly become the industry-leader in providing a dynamic, interactive platform with live odds fluctuating in real-time for club golfers to save informed pre-round predictions from any internet-connected device. Golf Professionals, General Managers, Trip Organizers, and Committee Members alike have upgraded this pre-round aspect of tournament operations by using the Homestretch Golf platform over the past two years rather than the dull error-prone paper tickets. More than 12,000 club members and guests have saved their informed predictions on Homestretch Golf’s dynamic platform which provides live real-time odds!

Against the landscape of a global pandemic the past two summers, in which safety protocols are top of mind for tournament organizers, the Homestretch Golf platform allows participants to safely save predictions from the comfort of their own homes several days prior to Round 1 play. Conducting safe competitions at clubs worldwide will continue to be an important task for tournament organizers. Leveraging the Homestretch Golf platform is a perfect fit to simultaneously deliver a safe experience and upgrade the fun factor of pre-round prediction excitement!

Homestretch Golf proudly donates a portion of net proceeds from every tournament to the American Cancer Society and other golf industry charities and foundations. Built directly into Homestretch Golf’s proprietary platform is charitable fundraising. Golf Professionals and tournament admins can now easily introduce pre-round predictions at charity tournaments at their club as a whole new fundraising source for local causes while enhancing the fun had by participants!

New Homestretch Golf admins can create their free account by visiting the company website at and will enjoy running tournaments with no out-of-pocket cost to the facility.

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PGA Professional David Knox created Homestretch Golf after years of running pari-mutuels using paper bet slips and wasting hours of time entering error-prone slips into software. Unable to find a better system, David decided to create the first paperless golf pari-mutuel and prediction solution, improving the wagering experience for all participants while simultaneously saving tons of valuable admin time. Homestretch Golf has active clubs in 33 states and 31 different PGA Sections, and continues to partner directly with PGA Sections as a company sponsor to help PGA Professionals, Club Managers and club members improve this aspect of tournament operations at their clubs. Support calls can be scheduled directly with company Founder/CEO David Knox by email request: