January 31, 2022.

Las Vegas, USA, January 31, 2022 — Homestretch Golf (HSG), the world’s leading developer of pari-mutuel and wagering software for club golfers, announces a partnership with Asia Golf Enterprises (AGE) for expansion across the Asia Pacific region.  HSG has reimagined golf pari-mutuels, providing a solution that gives golfers a dynamic and accurate tournament wagering experience both pre- and post-round while raising money for charity.

Asia Golf Enterprises brings decades of experience distributing and supporting leading golf technology across the region and expects to build on the strength of HSG’s widely used golf wagering solution.

“We are thrilled to have raised significant money for charity through our platform so far, and the sky’s the limit as we help more clubs across the Asia Pacific region enhance their pre-round pari-mutuel operations,” stated the company’s Founder/CEO David Knox. “One of our recent new admins summed up what many of our new users appreciate about Homestretch Golf when he said ‘Nice job creating a fun and easy-to-use product which provides a modern solution to an old administrative headache!’  Knox continued, “To help my fellow PGA Professionals and their members deliver improved and more fun tournament experiences has been gratifying, and we are prepared and committed to continually improve our product in the months and years ahead. Asia Golf Enterprises is the perfect partner with years of experience to help bring our software solution to clubs throughout the Asia Pacific region.”

Jim Johnson, Director of Asia Golf Enterprises mentions that the “pari-mutuel solution developed by Homestretch Golf is a significant addition to the AGE product line.  Our group is focused on distributing and supporting leading golf technologies throughout the Asia and Oceania regions.  The HSG solution is a proven leader in the industry and will be a good fit for our network of golf clubs.”

Bill Healey, Director of AGE has worked with tournament systems as far back as the mid-1980, and feels the Homestretch Golf pari-mutuel solution is a comprehensive and thorough solution that will be of benefit to golf clubs events throughout the region.  He comments that “the solution will save the tournament organiser valuable time without a risk of errors.  Moreover, it will create a more exciting experience for the bettor with Live Odds, without the need to download an app,”

He continues, “tournament organisers will also benefit from the fact that the solution is safe and secure, and requires no out-of-pocket expenditure.  It also allows for the organiser to raise funds for a preferred charity as a percentage of the pool.”

About Homestretch Golf.  Launched in Spring 2019, Homestretch Golf has quickly become the industry-leader in providing a dynamic, interactive platform with live odds fluctuating in real-time for club golfers to save informed pre-round predictions from any internet-connected device. Golf Professionals, General Managers, Trip Organizers, and Committee Members alike have upgraded this pre-round aspect of tournament operations by using the Homestretch Golf platform over the past three years rather than the dull error-prone paper tickets. Additional information is available at https://homestretchgolf.com/

About Asia Golf Enterprises, LLC.  AGE distributes and supports leading golf technologies to the Asia-Pacific region.  Solutions provided by AGE include Golf Club Management, Online Golf Booking, and Website development solutions.  Their focus is in helping golf clubs effectively implement the appropriate technology to maximise performance and profits.  The directors of AGE have had several decades successfully implementing global technologies on five continents, with a specific focus in Asia and Oceania. Additional information is available at http://www.asiagolfenterprises.com


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