Homestretch Golf’s Chris Beeman interviews Anthony Roth, Assistant Pro at Martis Camp Club in Truckee, CA about the benefits of Homestretch Golf

“We were so excited to ditch the paper tickets and, most importantly, put the game in the users’ hands.  Homestretch Golf is a real game changer!”
– Anthony Roth, Asst. Pro at Martis Camp Club

Homestretch Golf Help Section For Wagering Participants

Participating in a golf tournament or special event that offers pari-mutuel or any pre-round wagering component can be an absolute blast! Trying to predict which players/teams will have a good event and wagering on them really pumps up the fun factor for the event. For those who are not familiar with the terms or don’t have much experience with pari-mutuels, here are some helpful definitions and an explanation of how the live odds to win display on our platform: Read more